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[Digital Solutions] Hong Kong Tourism Board's 2015 Best of the Best Culinary Awards

Best of the Best Culinary Awards (BOB Awards), the largest culinary pageant in Hong Kong, was first launched by Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) in 2001 and it aims at identifying and showcasing the best in Chinese cuisine in Hong Kong.


As the voting campaign website producer this year, Eat & Travel Weekly (ETW) has developed a user-friendly voting site for HKTB. Dishes with brief descriptions were clearly listed in the website to enhance the readability and facilitate the voting process. The voters were requested to select 1 dish among the 10 in each category.


To promote the BOB Awards and the website, cross channel promotions in print and digital platforms including 12 Facebook newsfeeds in ETW fan page, Head Banner and LREC in NextPlus Homepage, LREC and Voting Menu Bar at Eat & Travel Weekly Homepage, 1st Highlight Session and Voting Menu Bar at ETW APP as well as 3 advertorials were launched. The results were encouraging that more than 1,000 votes were received at the end of the campaign.


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